Ignorance, ignorant, ignorantly, and ignorantness are the words I would like to discuss because these are words I have used loosely and without full knowledge of the meaning or meanings it has. I have used those words many times in my 31 years of life, especially as an adult. I find the word easy to use especially when discussing a topic with another individual whom we are discussing someone else’s opinion of different subjects. But before I go straight into it I want to make sure like I had to do, give you the full definition of ignorance. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, “being ignorant is defined as a: destitute of knowledge or education, or lacking knowledge of the thing specified, b: resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence.” Now there are many ways people use this word and sometimes also in an ignorant way. Now, I want to inform whoever reads this, if you have read this far and have gone through the definition and the different ways it is defined you can maybe consider that there isn’t a single person on this earth that is not ignorant in some way or form when it comes to different things in the world. Because if there was a person that was not ignorant in any subject that would mean this person alone knows absolutely everything in all topics in the country to the entire universe from past to present, beliefs, lifestyles and so forth. Now I find that hard to believe and again I could be wrong but; if there is a person who has all the knowledge in the world, I would love the chance to meet them.

Myself included have been very ignorant at times and probably will be for the rest of my life in some subjects or topics or lifestyles that are in this world. I will not live long enough nor will any of you be able to learn all there is to know what human beings or what this beautiful world has to offer. This is something everyone needs to open their eyes up to, and by opening up to I mean to their own ignorance. What is your ignorance? Where do you lack the knowledge of a topic or lifestyle that you judge so harshly or don’t respect? I have been wrong plenty of times in my young age and will continue to be wrong in many other cases, but with those wrongs and with those ignorant moments I have found, no I have learned to check myself and know that at that moment I was being ignorant and uneducated on that subject or about that person. Looking in the mirror at one’s self is something not too many people do, and this will always be in many cases because self-reflection is very hard to take in, endure, painful at times, harsh, and it can be very eye-opening on the other side of all the lack of knowledge or understanding on your part. I write this because not too long ago I was in conversation with a friend. She was in a time of need for a friend, someone to talk to, someone to listen, and while I am good at those things, I sometimes add in my input whether it be right or very wrong. I am human, and I am a product of my raising and environment growing into the women I am now. After hearing what she had to say about the topic of gay pride and how her father was unhappy, judgmental, and rude to her taking children around things like that because it was inappropriate. I then made the statement that her father was being ignorant. Well, that didn’t bode well, she took to defense mode and stated he wasn’t being ignorant it is just how he is and how he was raised and so on. That conversation has sat with me ever since, and I have to disagree with her on that, because if you refer back to the definition, at that moment of time when her father spoke on a topic that he had no knowledge of and put his opinions and beliefs onto her as what she was doing as a mother and person and saying what it was believed by him to be inappropriate was, IGNORANT. He may believe wholeheartedly what he said is true that it was inappropriate but that is not a fact. Every individual in this world is different each with different beliefs and lifestyles, and it is only IGNORANT to speak about something you have no idea about just because it doesn’t suit your lifestyle. So, her father was tearing her down as a person and her actions, and still, she defended him, which I find normal when it comes to discussing family or a loved one. It is one of those situations where you can personally speak negatively about the person but no one else can. But, I was not trying to be negative I was simply stating, by him telling her that on that subject at that moment, he was being ignorant, which I stick by because by definition that is exactly what he was being when speaking on something he had no knowledge of. Ignorance is a scary epidemic in our world, and people need to open their closed boxes, fake realities, fake roles they play, step out and stop and think before speaking on subjects they have limited or no knowledge of, including raising their children with the same awareness because that makes them ignorant. Which is hard to do at times even for myself. But then some factors can help with this problem as I stated before and that is looking in the ignorant mirror yourself and acknowledge where you were wrong and fix it. LEARN and GROW as an individual. If we can as a society acknowledge our ignorance’s, our self-righteousness, our egos, and to be always right or just speaking on something or someone they have no idea about, the world could get a little better. Maybe that would encourage people to mind their own business, maybe that would allow people to live their own lives in peace without judgment because people are taking the time to learn instead of using ignorance as a tool to tell others how to live or how to think and how to grow as a human being. Life is hard enough as it is and people need kindness and understanding and more important KNOWLEDGE. Never stop learning and growing and by doing so, we can help others, we can be happy and show others love and that kindness especially to those who especially need it because life is hard. Being ignorant is easy and can cause stress and unhappiness on all parties involved. If you can take anything away from this, please take away the idea of learning new things, growing as an individual, and having the self-awareness to be able to grow as a person.

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